Cyber Week 2022



Welcome to the WP fail2ban Cyber Week offer!

The details are very simple: 50% off.


Why a whole week?
Users rarely check the email account they used for their WordPress install. That's just a fact.

Extending the offer to a whole week gives people a chance to see the email in time to take advantage of the offer.

What's the catch?
No catch, just a few conditions:

  • One use for new customers only; existing customers already get discounted prices on subsequent purchases.
  • Annual subscription only; I'd just be giving money to the payment providers otherwise.
  • First year only; prices are grandfathered, so if you believe the UK's official forecast you'll effectively be getting a 10% discount next year, or if you live in the real world and have seen the prices in the supermarkets, you'll effectively be keeping the 50% discount. Of course, if you don't live in the UK I have no idea what the effective discount might be....
What about the imminent release of v5?
I have no plans for a release discount - they take a lot of time and effort and have never been worth either.

This is your last opportunity for a discount for some time - don't miss it!

What about something else?
There's a forum topic for that - ask away!