Welcome to WP fail2ban - a WordPress plugin that writes a myriad of WordPress events to syslog for integration with fail2ban.

Protect Your Server

Stop brute-force attacks

Prevent user enumeration

Blacklist common usernames

Improve Performance

Serve legitimate users, not attackers.

Latest Releases

Release v4.4.0.8

2022/10/20: Free, Premium, v4.4, WPf2b

  • Backport fix for mu-plugins activation.
  • Update Freemius library.

Latest Articles

v5b1: Event hooks

2022/10/10: Beta, New Feature, Premium, v5.0, WPf2b

Since the Event Log was introduced in v4, WPf2b has had the concept of "events"; I needed a way to store in the database what had happened that caused WPf2b to be involved, and I used a simple bit field. Fortunately, event "classes" were there from the start.
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