Welcome to WP fail2ban - a WordPress plugin that writes a myriad of WordPress events to syslog for integration with fail2ban.

Protect Your Server

Stop brute-force attacks

Prevent user enumeration

Blacklist common usernames

Improve Performance

Serve legitimate users, not attackers.

Release v4.4.0.7

  • Backport fix for type error in menu-fixer when viewing Event Log (h/t @geniusmedia). [Premium only]
  • Backport fixes for event summaries. [Premium only]
  • Update Freemius library.


  • Add support for Pingbacks while blocking XML-RPC.

IPv6 Support

The basic core functions of WP fail2ban have always worked with IPv6, more by luck than design, but they did work. However, none of the more advanced features (e.g. trusted proxies) or Premium features did.

That's all changed with v5: every part of WP fail2ban now fully supports IPv6.

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