Changes to Multisite Support (2020/01/16)

New Feature, News, v4.3

WPf2b v4.3 now fully supports multisite networks in both the Free and Premium versions.

The biggest change is that WPf2b is now a "network-only" plugin; in other words, it can only be activated at the network level. Previously you could activate WPf2b for individual sites, which frankly made no sense at all.

For the Free version this has no effect beyond individual site admins no longer being able to see the WPf2b settings, but for the Premium version there are two important changes:

  1. it requires at least a Silver license,
  2. it requires only one license for the whole network

If you're an existing Bronze user with a network, contact me and I'll bump you to Silver for the year.

Release (2019/09/30)

Free, Premium, WPf2b

  • Fix error when blocking user enumeration via oembed (h/t @wordpressfab).

Release 4.2.7 (2019/09/24)

Free, Premium, WPf2b

  • Fix error when blocking user enumeration via REST.
  • Fix buttons on Settings tabs.

Release 4.2.6 (2019/09/23)

Free, Premium, WPf2b

  • Add support for Remote Tools add-on.
  • Add support for the new ClassicPress security page.
  • Improved blocking of user enumeration.

Release (2019/09/16)

Premium, WPf2b

  • Fix premium activation issue with PHP < 7.0.

Release 4.2.5 (2019/07/15)


  • Properly fix PHP 5.3 support; tested on CentOS 6. Does not support any UI or Premium features.
  • Fix potential issue with WP_FAIL2BAN_BLOCK_USER_ENUMERATION if calling REST API or XMLRPC from admin area.

Release 4.2.4 (2019/06/23)


  • Add filter for login failed message.
  • Fix logging spam comments from admin area.
  • Fix Settings link from Plugins page.
  • Update Freemius library.

Release 4.2.3 (2019/05/22)


  • Workaround for some versions of PHP 7.x that would cause define()s to be ignored.
  • Add config note to settings tabs.
  • Fix documentation links.

Release 4.2.2 (2019/04/20)


  • Fix 5.3 compatibility.

Release 4.2.1 (2019/04/16)


  • Completed support for WP_FAIL2BAN_COMMENT_EXTRA_LOG.
  • Add support for 3rd-party plugins; see Developers.
    • Add-on for Contact Form 7 (experimental).
    • Add-on for Gravity Forms (experimental).
  • Change logging for known-user with incorrect password; previously logged as unknown user and matched by hard filters (due to limitations in older versions of WordPress), now logged as known user and matched by soft.
  • Bugfix for email-as-username - now logged correctly and matched by soft, not hard, filters.
  • Bugfix for regression in code to prevent Free/Premium conflict.