Upgrading to Version 5

2023/01/16: Feature Change, Free, New Feature, Premium, v5.0, WPf2b

A summary of steps to take and things you should be aware of before upgrading to v5.

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v5b1: Event hooks

2022/10/10: Beta, New Feature, Premium, v5.0, WPf2b

Premium users can now run whatever code they’d like when an event occurs.

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v5b1: Site Health Check

2022/10/10: Beta, Free, New Feature, Premium, v5.0, WPf2b

Probably the most common reason WP fail2ban doesn't work “properly” is out-of-date fail2ban filters. <Read more>

v5b1: Updated fail2ban Filters

2022/10/09: Beta, Feature Change, Free, Premium, v5.0, WPf2b

Moved "Authentication attempt for unknown user" to wordpress-soft.conf
Moved "extra" Comment messages to wordpress-soft.conf

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IPv6 Support

2022/06/01: News

The basic core functions of WP fail2ban have always worked with IPv6, more by luck than design, but they did work. However, none of the more advanced features (e.g. trusted proxies) or Premium features did.

That's all changed with v5: every part of WP fail2ban now fully supports IPv6.

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Release Notes

Release 5.2.2

2024/01/28: Free, Premium, v5.2, WPf2b

  • Fix regression in Site Health when exec is disabled h/t @ahardy42.
  • PHP 8.3: Fix harmless warning on About tab.
  • WAF: Add support for themes that update image size options (h/t Jerker Wredenmark). Premium only
  • Update Freemius library.

Release 5.2.1

2023/09/21: Free, Premium, v5.2, WPf2b

  • Fix bug in WAF when not logged in (h/t Rudi Diedrich). Premium only
  • Site Health: Add support for open_basedir (h/t Jaroslav Huba).
  • Update Freemius library.

Release 5.2.0

2023/08/09: Free, Premium, v5.2, WPf2b

  • Add new filter file for WAF events. Premium only
  • Add WAF feature: prevent unauthorised user deletion. Premium only.
  • Fix untrusted proxy message.
  • Work-around for WooCommerce bug causing double logging of password reset requests h/t @anuja.
  • Site Health: Improve notifications.

Release 5.1.1

2023/07/05: Free, Premium, v5.1, WPf2b

  • Update Freemius library.

Release v5.1.0

2023/06/01: Free, Premium, v5.1, WPf2b

  • Web Application Firewall. Premium only
  • Add PTR record lookup to event report. Premium only
  • Improve report performance. Premium only
  • Site Health: Check `fail2ban` is running.
  • Site Health: Obsolete Filters - Detect DigitalOcean Droplet and link to documentation.
  • Fix harmless warning h/t @Yavor.
  • Fix warning caused by bug in Google Sitekit h/t @DaWolfey.
  • Update Freemius library.


Cyber Week 2022

2022/11/28: Archive

50% discount this week only - use code CyberWeek2022 at checkout.

See here for more details.

Release v5.0.0-beta.1

2022/10/04: Archive, Beta, v5.0, WPf2b

This is a major feature BETA release. You MUST update your filters; several features have changed and will not work with older filters.
Premium Users: The v5 database schema is NOT compatible with v4; to revert to v4 you will need to restore your database from backup.

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