2020/07/30: Free, Premium, v4.3, WPf2b

This is a bugfix release. You do not need to update your filters from 4.3.0.

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Release 4.3.0 “Columbo”

2020/06/07: Free, Premium, v4.3, WPf2b

v4.3.0 has taken over 6 months to complete - 4 months' hard work and nearly 3 months under the UK's COVID-19 lock-down; originally planned for a November release, there was always "just one more thing".

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Release 4.2.8


2020/04/16: Free, Premium, WPf2b

  • Add link to new support forum.
  • Fix user enumeration conflict with Gutenberg (h/t @dinghy).
  • Fix notices wrt admin menu (h/t @marioivangf).
  • Fix harmless XDebug notice (h/t @dinghy).
  • Update Freemius library.

Release Candidate 4.3.0-RC3


2020/04/16: Free, Premium, v4.3, WPf2b

  • Minor fixes for dashboard widgets for the Bronze plan,
  • Improved user enumeration blocking (h/t @dinghy)
  • Several trivial tweaks.