Release Notes


2022/03/08: Premium, v4.4, WPf2b

  • Fix type error on Remote IPs tab with no MaxMind database configured h/t @Tobias-Conrad. Premium only
  • Update Freemius library.


2022/03/04: Free, Premium, v4.4, WPf2b

  • Fix warning with array of blocked users h/t @Znuff.
  • Fix reports. Premium only


2022/02/27: Free, Premium, v4.4, WPf2b

  • Fix type error h/t @brianshim.

Release v4.4.0

2022/02/23: Free, Premium, v4.4, WPf2b

This is a feature release. To take advantage of the new features, including the Blocklist Add-on, you will need up update your fail2ban filters; existing filters will continue to work as before.

Blocklist Add-on users: Please disable the Blocklist plugin before upgrading WP fail2ban, then upgrade the Blocklist plugin and reactivate it.

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Release v4.3.2.2

2021/05/06: Free, Premium, v4.3, WPf2b

This is a bugfix release. You do not need to update your filters from 4.3.0.

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