Testers Needed – v4.3.0 Is Imminent!


2020/04/16: Archive, News

The v4.2 branch is now a year old and overdue for an upgrade. It's fortunate then that v4.3.0 is nearly ready for release ;-)

So much has changed behind the scenes that I don't think it's responsible for me to push this release without wider testing - and that's where you come in.

What To Test

  • Check things work as they did before. There should be no configuration changes necessary between v4.2.x and v4.3.0.
  • Multisite! WPf2b fully supports multisite networks. It's now a "network-only" plugin, which means you can only activate it at the network level. This shouldn't affect existing multisite installs, but the change is almost impossible to test synthetically. Please report your results whatever they are.
  • "Block user enumeration" should now work properly with Gutenberg for all user roles.
  • "Block username logins" is a new feature; as the name suggests it forces users to login with their email address instead of their username. Be careful! This has the potential to lock you out of your site.
  • v4.3.0 now logs login attempts with empty usernames, and there is a new soft filter to catch this. (If you're rather it were a hard filter you can use the Remote Tools to change it). It's working well on my test sites but it can't hurt to check.
  • ClassicPress users - please check the Security page.

How To Test

Before you go any further: are you confident you can restore your site from backup? I've done my best to be sure things will work as they should, but the whole point of testing is to ensure that they actually do, meaning that they might not.

In other words, "here be dragons" - you have been warned!

  1. Install the WP Rollback plugin and activate it.
  2. Select 4.3.0-RC4 (should be top of the list).
  3. Pay attention to the warning screen!
  4. Report any bugs, weird behaviour, things that aren't working as they did before - that kind of thing - on the Pre-Release Testing forum. Be sure to tag your posts appropriately; the minimum requirement is the WPf2b version, i.e. "v4-3-0-rc4" (there's a drop-down list - it's pretty simple).
  5. Everything working perfectly? Can't find anything wrong? Please report that too! An absence of bug reports doesn't imply an absence of bugs ;-)