Release v4.3.0.8


2020/09/22: Free, Premium, v4.3, WPf2b

This is a bugfix (workaround) release. You do not need to update your filters from 4.3.0.

  • Workaround issue with user enumeration blocking being triggered by Gutenberg pre-loading Author list. (h/t @brrrrrrrt) [WordPress only]

The Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.5 pre-loads the list of Authors. Unfortunately, it doesn't first check the user's privileges, thus triggering the user enumeration blocking in WPf2b.

WPf2b intentionally blocks user enumeration for unprivileged users (specifically those without edit_others_posts - typically anything less than an Editor) and still does, but now without triggering fail2ban.

Thanks to @brrrrrrrt for reporting the problem and testing the fix.