Release Notes


2019/09/16: Premium, WPf2b

  • Fix premium activation issue with PHP < 7.0.

Release 4.2.5

2019/07/15: Free

  • Properly fix PHP 5.3 support; tested on CentOS 6. Does not support any UI or Premium features.
  • Fix potential issue with WP_FAIL2BAN_BLOCK_USER_ENUMERATION if calling REST API or XMLRPC from admin area.

Release 4.2.4

2019/06/23: Free

  • Add filter for login failed message.
  • Fix logging spam comments from admin area.
  • Fix Settings link from Plugins page.
  • Update Freemius library.

Release 4.2.3

2019/05/22: Free

  • Workaround for some versions of PHP 7.x that would cause define()s to be ignored.
  • Add config note to settings tabs.
  • Fix documentation links.